The Failure of the JLP at Crime

In previous JLP governments, there was an attitude of pomposity and arrogance that they curbed crime – that was always the mantra.

Unfortunately , the JLP cannot have that last laugh this time.

Crime today especially in Western Jamaica has catapulted to very high levels and if we continue to experience this in the coming months, we are destined to witness a Mexican style anarchy as is evident in the Mexican states where criminal activity, murder and mayhem hegemonise.

The Prime  Minister, the Minister of National Security and Police high command do not appear to have an answer.

A policeman places markers at a crime scene - Image via
A policeman places markers at a crime scene – Image via

What is disturbing is that there is failure to acknowledge that the monster of crime is not only as a result of lotto scamming and gang rivalry but police corruption and white collar crime.

Many of the policemen in this country have a hand  in crime indirectly and directly.

We live in a society of silence so those who know rarely speak. The JLP government will have to take drastic actions to dismantle the shakles of crime which if continue unabated will, in no time destroy our society and citizens.

Now is the time for the Prime Minister to prove himself. Even if our GDP flies upward overnight, the enemy of crime has to be defeated now and I mean now.

The country has no time for dilly dallying with crime and criminals. The political leaders in power have to crack the whip now and get action.

We are not looking for fancy speeches and irrelevant plans. Our nationals need to see drastic  action otherwise we will slide into anarchy.

The Jamaican people deserve to live without looking over their back; they deserve better than to wake up each morning seeing the traditional media saturated with stories of death, mayhem and bloodletting.


The people exercised their democratic right and elected a conservative government, the type  associated with curbing crime  and keeping  its politically associated  gangs in check.

This time it has been a miserable failure. Prime Minister Holness please act now for God’s sake, otherwise Montego Bay and St. James will be worse than than the 19th century American wild west.

Maurice Christie

Aboukir , St. Ann

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