Usain the ‘Trio King’

Many there were that doubted him, from he was a boy running in Jamaica,
they thought his chances of becoming a legend were very slim.

His technique was mocked by the cynics,
compared to a rocking-chair, there were so many skeptics.
Later on he was dominating, people of Jamaica started celebrating.

He was called the Lightning Bolt, some called him ‘bullit’,
but from the beginning his parents knew dat him could ‘do it’.

Flashback to the year 2008 on Beijing’s track,
when he broke the 100m WR – slapped his chest,
sent a signal to proclaim he was the best.

Usain Bolt via Youtube
Usain Bolt via Youtube

But his celebration later turned against him,
it was classified as unsportsmanlike – the sound of a bad hymn.

The focus was then shifted from the race into what I call a meaningless debate.
All the pessimists did and say could not stop him,
forgetting that he was a ‘Jamaican Lightning’.

Lightning struck twice, it was over to Berlin, he wasn’t a cheater,
but like an Olympic thief, he slipped through the barriers and broke in,
shattered a few records and became the world’s ‘Most Wanted Sprinter’.
Burning up the track Usain was determined – there was no looking back.

Fast-forward to Rio where he became the ‘Triple King’, King of the Trio.
He was now competing against himself, running with ease through the heats,
there were still Jamaicans who were at the edges of their seats.
But he didn’t disappoint, he took the gold medals as they came at him.

One – three, lightning struck as many times as Peter denied Jesus – thrice.
He is superhuman, no one can match up to him, not even Gatlin – the ‘Silver Man’.
The hour cometh and now is for the cynics say amen – to the Trio King,

The sprinting Legend – Usain Bolt.

Daron Chosen Smith


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