A Jealous Rage

He stands, watching her from across the street in a fit of jealous rage
With the spiteful hatred of a wounded animal who should be locked in a cage

She has no idea he’s this close because a restraining order is in place
And it’s still before the Court to be tried as a violent domestic case

Yet his madness compels him to still stalk her, everywhere and every day
And for him, she can do nothing right and there’s a price that she must pay

Unaware she firmly holds a lover’s hand in the new love that she has found
As she makes her way in the absence of the abuse that once held her down

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He blows hard with angry breaths of fire that only a jilted lover breathes
With the clouded head of a scorpion, he watches while his jealousy peaks

She has felt his wrath so many times and the many scars are there to show
Yet she stayed, blinded by the truth of his poisoned love instead of letting go

Her lover’s hand made its way down and fell secured around her waist
While a fuming past follows with angry feet that step with quickened pace

The sun rains a trail of heated rays on the umbrella that protects her head
As she walks clueless that her happiness will soon be broken like a thread

His hands came up with hardened steel that was no different from his heart
As the once bustling crowd stands frozen from the impact of the blast

She lies in a pool of her own blood, dying slowly, unaware of everything around
With blood oozing from a punctured heart that now holds a fatal wound

He knew where he wanted the bullet to land even though he walked behind
As another blast barks aloud, turning a loaded gun on himself this time


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Oakley Lyle is an author and poet – Visit his Facebook Page HERE

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Oakley Lyle

Oakley Lyle is an author and poet - Visit his Facebook Page HERE