Father’s Day

The definition of father for Father’s day is

 A man who takes responsibility for his kids

Regardless of his relationship to their mother

It’s not about her or any other


It is about ‘we helped bring them here’

So it behoves us to care

They are genetically connected to us

They are ours, nothing else to discuss

Lots of great fathers despite how it’s made to seem

Who play their part, willing to take one for the team

Father’s day is not as flowery as Mother’s day


That’s ok men are not really into flowers anyway

We love our offspring no matter what

And we provide for them, give it all we’ve got

So there is nothing about the mother who fathered me here

There is no such thing, why would one try to commandeer?

So happy father’s day if you have an X and Y chromosome

And if you are responsible for your kids, and make them your own


Rohan Goldsmith © 19/6/16

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