Warmington Must Go

It is time, once and for all for the people of Jamaica to send a message that the antics and rhetoric of Everald Warmington will no longer be allowed in our politics.

All well thinking Jamaicans should demand that he steps down.

Clearly based on his behavior Mr. Warmington has no RESPECT for himself, so it is very hard to expect him to respect others.

His calling Ms. Lisa Hannah  ‘JEZEBEL’ should be the very last straw.


It is this kind of behavior by those at the head why many Jamaican men take our women for granted and see them as nothing more than tools for their PLEASURE and GRATIFICATION.

via jamaicaobserver.com
via jamaicaobserver.com

The hypocrisy of it all is that the leader of the opposition Mr. Andrew Holness in all his speeches about him being ‘different’, has yet as a man, a husband or a father come forward and condemned the actions of Mr. Warmington.

His silence speaks volumes. I am sure had anyone dared to address his wife in that manner, he would be calling for heads to roll.

It is very sad that even in the house of parliament there is no order,and persons  like Mr. Warmington are allowed to say and do as they please while being paid by Jamaican Taxpayers.

To see SOME women who support the JLP actually AGREE with what was said by Mr. Warmington, indicates that as a NATION we are truly lost.

There comes a time when WOMEN should STAND UP FOR EACH OTHER, regardless of POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS.

I wonder if Mr. Warmington was dropped on his head as a child and the part of his brain that requires logical thinking was damaged beyond repair?


Clearly the people of Jamaica need to let their voices be heard and let Mr. Warmington and others like him know that under no circumstance will that kind of behavior be tolerated.

Michelle Bradshaw

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