Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely


…” the affluent are, on average,  less likely to exhibit empathy, less likely to respect norms and even laws, more likely to cheat, than those occupying lower rungs on the economic ladder..” –Paul Krugman

This discussion is alive in Jamaica 2016 and it focuses on the demise of Jamaican Entertainment featured in our many larger resorts on the North Coast.

Most people equate it to economic dollars and cents but in reality it is far more than micro-economic principles. The investors are all affected by a new disease that only affects the wealthy – “affluenza “.


Wealth in itself is not bad. It’s what you do with it that really counts. Extreme wealth can do extreme damage and in the Jamaican context where any investor bringing with him cash and a promise of employment will suddenly realize his power on a grappling economy and one that lies prostate and welcoming.


So what happens to a so called “poor” country that gives so much to the Super Wealthy? You simply have affluenza. 

The economic smothering of the Jamaican entertainment product by super wealthy Hoteliers all points to the growing political power of the wealthy few that shapes Jamaican politics.

They may not out rightly display their influence, but you can deduce their power from the silence or ineffective investigation of any government to the battle cry of the impoverished. The recent Gas Scandal and now the ever louder Entertainer Scandal are just examples of such cries.

Why does it matter? Because it is economic slavery, the wealthy rig the system and enjoy the advantages of stifling bureaucracy.

Oligarchy, the unfettered rule of the wealthy is alive and well in cash begging Jamaica. From telecommunications, food, auto and now tourism they hold the country by the balls and an apparent impotent government seems hooked on the pain.

Narcissism, Affluenza or maybe it’s The Mullah Talks Loudest , it is a scary thought and for a small island it will be a debilitating disease that cripples only those without the dinero.


A new year has begun and now a new opportunity for change, change in the way our people are treated in their own country, a change to the perception that entertainers are not worthy , a change to the way we manage our music, our creative and intellectual property, a change in the way foreigners are hired in this country depraving Jamaican jobs and livelihood. 

The discussion must begin and the truth will make a lot of people uncomfortable.  But progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds or their perceived beliefs of an equal playing field for every Jamaican , as well as the right for every Jamaican to work and express their creativity without fear of foreign imposition and dominance in their own country,  cannot change anything.

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE