Dirty Politricking……..

I am bemused as to the reasons Jamaica’s Minister of Finance, Peter Phillips, seems to be harping on about Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness’ residence in Beverly Hills.

Minister Phillips, said at a public event recently, using the vernacular, as Jamaican politicians do when addressing the “masses”: “No one in a fi har party (PM Portia Simpson Miller) can ask her nuh question how she build nuh house with wall that cost billions and billions and billions of dollars. We have a leader we can trust. We have a leader Jamaica can trust.”

SERIOUSLY, fellow-Comrade Phillips? I declare my deep disappointment in your dirty politricking.

It was a cardinal mistake when the media breached security and the Holness’ human rights to privacy by splashing the said house on social media earlier this year.

It is unforgivable of you to use the issue to create “cas-cas” and whip up frenzy amongst citizens.

Do you realise, my financial guru, that until investigation into Mr Holness’ handling of JLP’s resources convict him of misappropriation of public funds, there is no reason to cast aspersions?

After all, Mr Holness and his beautiful wife have the human right to build anything, whether it be a mansion in Beverly Hills or a shack on the beach in Negril.

Do you not think that MAYBE, the Holness family might feel devalued with all this nonsense, disguised as politics?

Let us concentrate on more serious issues. The electorate is not as “fool-fool” as politicians believe!

via jamaica-gleaner.com
via jamaica-gleaner.com

By Neo Makeba

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