Address the Main Culprit or Babies Will Continue to Die

It should be very comforting to several women of childbearing age, what was said by a top official at Cornwall Regional Hospital regarding making preparations for premature babies earlier today.

Sadly however, none of these plans for the future will bring comfort to those parents who will forever endure, the loss of their children, from infections in these medical facilities.

Therefore, while I welcome these initiatives, by the hospital officials, the overriding problem won’t be resolved until the “main culprit of contamination” has been addressed.

Nowhere, in the text the words Hygiene or cross Contamination, were mentioned. I am sure many hospitals are often short staffed; however, if health care personnel are not properly trained in Hand Hygiene, and cross contamination protocol, then no amount of special care nurses will make any difference in germ related deaths at these facilities.

Release via The Observer:


KINGSTON, Jamaica – “The Cornwall Regional Hospital said it is expanding its capacity to accommodate additional premature babies in light of the deaths of a number of at-risk newborns at the health institution.

In a media release issued Friday, the hospital said it has been expanding the nursery incrementally over time, in response to the demand for more accommodation for neonates.

In addition, the institution has said that it will be hiring more registered nurses as well as patient-care assistants in an effort to increase the hospital’s nurse-to-patient ratio.

The release added that the hospital will also look at acquiring additional critical equipment for the nursery as it continues to await developments in the Programme for the Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality (PROMAC) project, which is geared towards the provision of high-dependency neonatal units at the CRH.

“The Board reaffirms that Cornwall Regional Hospital and the Western Regional Health Authority are committed to offering the best quality health care to the public as outlined in our mission statement

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