The Horror After University

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You spent sleepless nights, worked several jobs, borrowed millions in loans.

You stand on that glorious day to collect the fruits of your hard labour. You are ready now to take on the real world and let your mark be seen. Pause! What did university really prepare you for? You don’t know how to do some of the simplest things in life. How do you look about housing? How do you look about insurance? How do you know when you are getting the best deals? Who do you run to? You run to your parents and they ask you if you didn’t learn all of this in school.

Throughout the many years of your university life you learn many things as it relates to passing your exams to get your degree but when it comes to practical things for everyday life you are still clueless. When you get lost in your university life you need to remember that the real life is going on all around you and it will not wait for you to play catch up.

The next thing you are faced with after graduation is being underpaid or not getting any jobs in your field. You feel as if you wasted your time getting ready to step into the real world and now the real world had no space for you.


You find yourself working in a job that gives you nothing and you feel empty. Many university graduates are faced with regret after having to spend months at home after getting their degree crying over loans that they can’t pay.

I remember a situation of a young graduate who got a job at a company and was being underpaid despite the fact that she was the only one who actually had a degree in the company. She was treated as if she was beneath them. They treated her as if she was not entitled to anything. She ended up leaving the company and spending her days crying over the current state of her life. Many graduates struggle with depression everyday. Friends and family members often times pressure them to get up and do something without giving them any tools to do so.

Our universities need to become more practical, teach more life skills so that graduates can be more equipped to deal with real life situations.

Graduates also need to see the importance in acquiring skills outside of their areas of study just in case.

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