Tribute to Our Jamaican Athletes

Our hearts are in our hands

The Jamaican pride rises above the land

The flag flies high and we listen to our anthem play another time

We shower them with praises when they grab the medals


We lift them up when they have fallen

They have shown their strength in the field events

They have flown over the hurdles that stand in their path

The determination on their faces sets them miles apart

What a blessing our athletes are to our aching Jamaican hearts

Image via zimbbio.com
Image via zimbbio.com

Divided we are in many areas of life

But our athletes stand in their blocks and unite the nation regardless of what we may lack


The speed they have pushes them past the rest

No one can ever doubt that they are the best

Some are disappointed but let us tell them not to fret

Olympics is coming up next

The sweat runs down their faces but they remain cool as ice

Never a fear in their eyes

Watch the black,green and gold continue to rise

We are Jamaicans! We always fight with all our might

Training from morning and even through the night


We are so proud of them!

We stand in the street and scream and jump when they take the lead

Our athletes are the heartbeats of our beautiful island

 By:©Saccheen Laing

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