Uruguayan Footballer Apologises After Referring to Reggae Boyz as Africans

Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani yesterday apologised to Jamaica and Jamaican people after accidentally calling the Reggae Boyz an African team.

Jamaica will face Uruguay on June 13 in the Copa America football tournament.

Cavani was asked to give his thoughts on the Jamaican team. His response: 

“As any other African team, Jamaica are going to be strong.”


An apology was then posted via his official Twitter account shortly after his statement.

“First I want to apologise to Jamaica and its people,” he wrote.

“I wanted to make a comparison between similar styles and playing characteristics between Jamaican national team and those of African sides, but honestly I only put across half that thought and it came out sounding awful.

“In any case, I’d like to publicly ask for forgiveness, and I hope my mistake will be taken with humour rather than offence.”

Uruguay are defending champions and have won the Copa America competition a record 15 times.

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