The JLP Show: Jamaica’s Locally Produced “Empire/Scandal” Series

Jamaica has a long and colourful history in the theater and we have been making strides in making television series.

With hit series like Empire, How To Get Away With Murder  and Scandal taking over the population’s eyes and if they could their money too, there is no doubt that the Jamaican population craves entertainment. But there is a local show that is currently combining all the elements of these shows, that show is the JLP show.

The JLP seems seems to be on everyone’s lips again for all the wrong reasons. From “betrayals” to dog fights in the media, I am utterly convinced that they consult the People’s National Party when writing this script because that’s the only way I can explain why one of the major political parties in the island could come up with new fodder for the news every week. The image of Andrew Holness sitting around a table with his “producers” Christopher Tufton, Arthur Williams, Audley Shaw and Mama P no less as executive producer, planning the next plot twist to shock and awe us.

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Hell, they have so many twists and turns in this, I am literally on the edge of my chair. There are some issues that need to be worked out though. Delroy Chuck’s criticizing his leader should be taken out. I mean come on, if you can’t trust your Justice Minister, you can’t trust anyone. In terms of legal counsel, I can only recommend Saul from Breaking Bad but since he’s unavailable, is there any chance Mama P will lend them K.D. Knight? No? Keep it in mind though #JusAsking. Bringing back Abe Dabdoub was a shocker and bound to create more interesting reactions in the show.  Also can we have more appearances by women in the show? Maybe get Lisa Hanna to school them in creating pointless controversies. Though not with a bikini.


Heaven knows the public isn’t ready for that. TVJ would probably be banned by the Broadcasting Commission for gross indecency, though this whole incident can be considered an indecency. And finally for this season’s finale can we feature former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson in a cameo taking over as a don of the IMF to come and conquer Jamaica in the name of capitalism?

The point is that this infighting is pointless and serves no help to the Jamaica Labour Party nor the Jamaican people. It only gives the government a free pass at lackluster and slack work with no opposition to hold them accountable as they are too focused on gaining the upper hand on persons who they should be allied with. The Jamaican people deserve better than what is currently being offered by either party but at least the PNP keeps its fighting out of the media and doesn’t spotlight it as reality series.

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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Marshalee Goodaz Thompson

Quite an interesting show I must say