Extremely Aggressive New Strain of HIV Found Spreading in Jamaica’s Closest Neighbour!

An extremely aggressive new strain of HIV has been discovered spreading in Jamaica’s closest neighbour according to scientists.

This new strain, named CRF19, is able to transform into full-blown aids within three years following an infection.

This is alarming because the average conversion time to full blown AIDS is around 10 years.

According to Mail Online, scientists were prompted to investigate after noting a growing number of reports of people in Cuba suffering a rapid progression to AIDS, within three years of infection.


HIV tests often do not detect the virus within the first few weeks of infection, sometimes months.

Once a person develops the flu-like symptoms that characterise acute infection – usually coming two to four weeks after infection – the virus undergoes a latency period.

During that time the virus replicates and lives inside the body, but does not cause any symptoms.

That period can last between five and 10 years before AIDS develops, in most cases.

But researchers at the University of Leuven in Belgium noted the CRF19 strain causes patients to make the transition to AIDS much faster.

It can be so quick that a person may not even realise they are infected. 

This strain was first noticed in Africa, but it only appears to be spreading in Cuba, where records so far show 144 infected.  


Are you concerned that this could pose a major health threat to Jamaica based on its proximity? Share your thoughts in the comments.

rapid hiv spreading in Cuba
Image Source: sciencetimes.com

Source: Mail Online

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George Bond
8 years ago

..interesting…..this is the first ive heard of this.?……until I see medical journal confirmation it will remain rumour…what im left wondering is why all these uncurable virus seem to come from Africa.?….and what connection does cuba have to the dark continent.?………it seems to me that there are more questions than answers……..x

Xavier Newton-Bryant
8 years ago

Wow this is so alarming!!!!! So now we going to have to make people more aware about this latest bit of information…. This is quite serious!!!!

Andrea Angie Tater
8 years ago

Hmmmm……isn’t it ironic that as soon as Cuba is being opened up to the world they have a disease with a shorter incubation period than A.I.D.S…..originating from Africa sounds like some man made disease.

Tamra Thompson
8 years ago

this is serious,

Jevaughn Smith
8 years ago

wow….144 infected i don’t believe that by now the numbers has increased so JA might already have the new strain.

Kerida Brice
8 years ago

I am under the impression that Cuba quarantined their HIV infected residents as a general practice, so in the few months they been open to US travel, suddenly they have this new strain and it happened to originate in Africa, cause they had an influx of african tourists???? Propaganda

Jacqueline Anglin
8 years ago

Wow, this is shocking.

Juliet Young
8 years ago

Africa now possible Jamaica? sounds like man made to me!! Are they saying it only happens to people of colour? Don’t think so, ,,

Susan Vendryes
8 years ago

Cuba stations a lot of its military personnel in Africa for extended periods of time. It is possible that some of the soldiers have ‘enjoyed’ some of the continent and now have brought it home with them

Kingyahrastafari Michael Johnson

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Khristos Zulu
8 years ago

another shocking point i must raise read carefully…if somebody has aids wouldnt the smart thing to do is presume that the person had aids for 7-10 years and that the victim may be mistaken as to how long they have been infected….because thats the only aids we know of right??? yes so if thats the only aids we know of and it takes 7-10 years it must mean that the victim must have had it for 7-10 yrs b4 aids symptoms…so the only way to know if someones infection mutated in 3 yrs they must have given it to the… Read more »

Khristos Zulu
8 years ago

look at the ebola thing dude from africa had ebola and he did get into the US so if this aids is so silent why only in cuba why not in america too??whats so grat about cuba that all africans seek cuba??? but yet they have tracked back to africa,how do they know its not from france???? take my word these wicked white people mean the earth no good..not all of them just those ones….and hey even if thre is no such disease they can go ahead and infect the cubans now because to our knowledge its already there so… Read more »

Khristos Zulu
8 years ago

no group of scientists works off “hear say/word of mouth” so to say people have been reported getting sick earlier than blablabla is a bunch of shit because the vitims themselves would be clueless to when they contracted aids if youre so careless and irresponsible to get aids why would i take notes from you.. im a scientist. the safest bet is to assume they have had it for 7-10 years because we all know that thats the aids we know.so you must be mistaken to tell me that youve gotten aids sooner than 7-10 years…unless they engineered it and… Read more »

Rash Phoenix Brown
8 years ago

how credible is this site or this story? how can this be authenticated?

Joy Bowen
8 years ago

Considering the highly trained doctors and health facilities in Cuba this information is a bit questionable..Cuba?? I am a bit skeptical

Donovan Moore
8 years ago

So this discovery (if it is factual) comes at a time when Cuba, that wisely resisted being over-run by the virus of ‘free market’ (small economies being made open and vulnerable to stronger economic forces) years ago, is now disciplined and prepared to open up its borders to increased trade…Hmmmm. Oh okay! The conspiracy behind the occurrence would be….”We can’t allow them to flourish too much, can we…in our own backyard at that”

Eric Tapper
8 years ago

its always about killing out black people so it always start in a black city but god soon come

Cynthia Willis
8 years ago

This is quite troubling knowing that its so close to home and the fact that a cure does not exist. One may say that with the current treatment AIDS victims are living longer however there are risks associated with treatment which negatively impacts on quality of life, health care cost etc. Whether this information is true or false its a sad situation.

Ramney Thompson
8 years ago

or its a deliberate act by somebody

Marcia Bryce
8 years ago

Why are we so promiscuous? We need to get ourselves tested , and be committed to one person, to stem this disease. I hope this is dream and not a nightmare. .

Kevin Jackson
8 years ago

Something sounds erroneous about this. I am certain there is no set conversion time from HIV to AIDS. If untreated I am sure HIV converts to aids much faster than 3 years already.

Kerron Young
8 years ago

Africa and Cuba eh? Sounds fishy to me. What they gona say, the virus mutated? I don’t think so.

Nordia Johnson
8 years ago

You can live with HIV 7-10 detected with treatment not AIDS which is the full blown disease.

Jeremy Henry
8 years ago


Sandra Belek
8 years ago

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