Jamaican Blogger shares about Japanese Culture in Exciting new book!

Dave Collymore, a native of Portmore Jamaica has been living in Japan since March 2008. He was a teacher in Jamaica and also performs dub poetry worldwide. One only needs to type his name in youtube to see his videos.

He also has a blog of his life in Japan as a Jamaican.

Now, he has compiled his most popular blog posts into a book entitled “Seeing Japan – Through the eyes of a Jamaican expat.”

See an Excerpt from his book below:


Things to do and not to do in Japan

Jamaican adventurer Dave Colleymore
Jamaican adventurer Dave Colleymore

Japan is a strange place for many of us foreigners and we can’t help but compare here to our own countries. Most of us enjoy the usual peace and quietness here, as well as the general convenience. There are loads of fun things that can be done in Japan, as well as some things that can either make you stick out as a foreigner, or at worst, put you in jail. In this chapter, I will mention some of the things that you should do (even though I’m yet to do some of them) and some of the things that you shouldn’t.

Thingss you must do in Japan

I haven’t myself done a few of these things and actually some of these things I don’t like doing, but I’m sure people coming here will appreciate doing some of these recommendations.

Visit an Onsen (Japanese hot spring)

Dave mingling!
Dave mingling!

Jamaicans, men and women alike don’t like the idea of walking around naked in front of others. Unfortunately, in Japanese hot springs, a requirement is that you bare it all. The stares will be intense, but just deal with it. You don’t experience this every day. These hot springs are great. Some of them are. ultra hot. but extremely relaxing and just wonderful. Healthy too. The very first time I went to one. just taking off my clothes was difficult. As soon as I heard the door open, my clothes would be back on. with me pretending as if I was looking in the mirror.

This exciting book is filled with valuable information about Japan all from a Jamaican’s perspective.


Get the E-book Here & Paperback Here


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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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