People have a right to Criticise the Government!

As it relates to the letter titled LOW BLOW TO THE PM AND FALCONER published on Tuesday Dec, 9th, 2014, in the Jamaica Observer, I am amazed at the blatant HYPOCRISY of the author.

The author is a member of a PNP AFFILIATED GROUP on said Social Media called FAIR AND BALANCED JAMAICA, where she SPOUTS her GARBAGE daily in DEFENSE of a government, that has shown time and time again that they could care LESS about the PEOPLE of Jamaica.

What is even more appalling is that on the said FORUM FAIR AND BALANCED JAMAICA, certain members have alluded to the LEADER of the OPPOSITION being a frequent visitor to STRIP CLUBS, and this woman has at no time ever did condemned it.

saying bad things about government
Left – Information Minister Sandrea Falconer and Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller – Source:

One Member has even stated openly that he STUFFED AND STOLE BALLOT BOXES on behalf of the PNP, and this HYPOCRITE never once came out and CONDEMNED that action.


As a SO CALLED JOURNALIST, one would think that before spouting her IGNORANCE and ILLITERACY, that the least she could do is CHECK HER FACTS.

People have the right  to air their DISPLEASURE at the actions of this government.

In case this author has no clue, this government WORKS FOR THE PEOPLE, and  are ANSWERABLE TO THE PEOPLE.

That does not make the GROUP SPEAK YOUR MIND JAMAICA a JLP AFFILIATED ONE, which if she had done her research as any well intentioned JOURNALIST would have done, she would have seen that Dr. Peter Phillips is also a member of SPEAK YOUR MIND JAMAICA.

What this author needs to do is get off her high horse of arrogance where she seems to think that she is relevant, and understand that this government is answerable to the people, and if they are lacking in their capacity, the people have every right to speak.

Maybe if both the PRIME MINISTER and Ms. Falconer understood this, they would not have been seen in the light of NAZI’s and DICTATORS, so NO! Do not blame the people for having an opinion, blame the government who seems to think that they are ABOVE and BEYOND ACCOUNTABILITY where the people of Jamaica are concerned.

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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