Hotelier wants runway at Ian Flemming airport expanded to accept commercial aircraft

If at least one popular hotelier has his way, the Ian Flemming airport in St. Mary will one day accept commercial flights.

According to Irie FM, Sandals Chairman Gordon “Butch” Stewart has called for the extension of the runway of the airport  to take commercial aircraft.

Mr. Stewart says he wants to get operational his Dragon Bay property in Portland, but accessibility was limited by airport facilities.

Butch Stewart says with a small amount of spending and the appropriate engineering works, the airport at Boscobel, St. Mary would be able to take commercial aircraft.


Airport Authority and government officials have said the airport, at Boscobel remains below its potential and continues to be a financial loss because the runway is too short.

Expand Ian Flemming airport
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A few hundred more feet of runway would make it able to take commercial craft, but that they say is tricky, because it would require the runway to extend across the north coast highway. It would also require additional land purchases.

Speaking at an awards ceremony last night in Ocho Rios, St. Ann for dozens of travel agents that sell Sandals across the world, Mr. Stewart challenged the minister of tourism to do the expansion.

Speaking directly to Dr. Wykeham McNeill, Mr. Stewart said the money required would be chicken feed and would open up that side of Jamaica.

He said as soon as the expansion was done commercial aircraft would be flying there.

From the platform, Mr. Stewart sought and got verbal commitments of two airline executives at the event to fly into Boscobel should the appropriate expansion take place.

Source: Irie FM


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