Jamaica among 12 countries that hate their government the most according to survey

Jamaica has been listed as one of the  top 12 countries in the world that hates its government the most.

The list posted by the highly respected financial website MarketWatch places Jamaica 9th (tied with Costa Rica) among countries in which 20 percent or fewer respondents approved of their governments.

The website listed several possible contributing factors to the meagre 20 percent approval rating of the Jamaican government including a high unemployment rate (2013): 15.3% (16th highest), financial hardship and economic instability in Jamaica.

According to the post nearly 60% of Jamaican survey respondents claimed they did not have enough money for food in the previous 12 months, and more than 15% of the workforce was unemployed last year, both among the higher rates reviewed.


Not only was it hard to find a job, but Jamaica has also had one of the world’s highest inflation rates. Last year, 86% of respondents said they believed corruption was common throughout the government.

Bosnia Herzegovina claimed the title of the country with the most hated government. They are followed by Bulgaria, Greece, Czech Republic, Moldova, Pakistan, Peru, Romania, and Costa Rica. Jamaica is tied at ninth with Portugal with Spain rounding out the list of the top 12.

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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