Speaking My Mind Again – After 50-yrs of Independence Jamaica owns nothing!

The ignorance and illiteracy of SOME Jamaicans really amazes me.

Following the recent airing of PARTS UNKNOWN featuring Jamaica on CNN, every single person touting their JAMAICAN HERITAGE should be ASHAMED.

Ashamed to see that after 50 odd so called years of independence WE DO NOT OWN A DARN THING.

Others are now seeing the result of our ignorance and illiteracy.


The sad thing is rather than actually having the GUTS to feel the shame, SOME Jamaicans prefer to speak about who got paid to attend the JLP conference, and the little puppets are now comparing pictures to see if the PNP or the JLP had more people at their respective conferences.

Jamaica sell off out everything own nothing
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They do this while the country burns. I was not aware that the number of people attending these political conferences determines who will vote or who will WIN the elections.

As a matter of fact, I have yet to see what the number of people attending these conferences actually does for the country.

If you have to go to the hospital today, I am sure whether you are wearing a GREEN or ORANGE shirt, you will be in for a very PAINFUL EXPERIENCE simply by sitting in the waiting room alone.

As a people we have no shame. 50 odd years of INDEPENDENCE and all we know to do is cry SHOWER or POWER, and allow ourselves to be political puppets, while those at the top sell us out bit by bit and piece by piece, and at the end of the day we say it is the white man’s fault. 

HOW VERY SAD. I already know what is going on in my country, but to have seen it so BLATANTLY shown on CNN, tells me we still have no clue.

The only thing we can boast about at this point is our food, and sadly not many even have access to that. HOW VERY SAD.


We all want to boast and talk about being proud Jamaicans. Proud of  WHAT? The PARADISE that only the FOREIGNERS can enjoy?

The beaches that only the FOREIGNERS have access to? Yet tell some of us to shout SHOWER OR POWER and our skin ‘ketch’ fire. Tell the same ones to SHOUT NO MORE RAPING and DESTROYING the country, and everyone is SILENT.

This is the NASTINESS that we stand for in the name of POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS, SPEWING HATE and ANGER at each other but KISSING the derriere of those whom we have chosen to lead, and putting them on PEDESTALS as GODS.

We should be ASHAMED to see where that has brought us, but I guess the SLAVERY MENTALITY will kill many of us first.

Neither the JLP or the PNP today can DISTANCE them self from what we have become, and if as a people we had any SHAME, we would begin the process of stopping the HERO WORSHIP and begin to hold these POLITICIANS ACCOUNTABLE.

It’s amazing how the people have the power for change in their hands and are not even aware of it.


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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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