Respecting the Prime Minister

You know I have grown sick and tired of hearing people talk about respecting the office of the Prime Minister. 

Does the Prime Minister and her office respect the people of Jamaica?

Take a good look at where the country is and then answer that question.

Some of us are so POLITICALLY WHIPPED that we fail to see the forest for the trees.


How in God’s name do you respect someone who has no respect for the people she claims to lead?

Case in point, take a look at her CONSTITUENCY. If her mantra is WE CARE FOR THE POOR, how on earth is it possible that after being a member of Parliament for so many years those in her constituency are living in such ABJECT SQUALOR?

And if Jamaica is PNP country and the PNP has controlled Westmoreland for so many years, how is it that they do not have RUNNING WATER and PROPER ROADS?

Does the prime minister care about the country?
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What is puzzling to me is that in all this the people still shout ‘MAMA P’.

What kind of mother treats her children with such disdain and disrespect?

SERIOUSLY? What kind of respect do you pay to an individual, her party or her office, when the National Housing Trust’s money is being squandered, and she knows nothing about it?

When Millions of TAX PAYERS’ money is being squandered and she apparently DOES NOT CARE?


When basic items such as GLOVES, NEEDLES, etc are needed in the HOSPITALS and SHE IS NOT AWARE?

When she herself uses the divide and conquer tactics of fair skinned against dark skinned Jamaicans because she IS CLUELESS bout the MOTTO that says OUT OF MANY ONE?

Yet those who support her have the AUDACITY to talk about RESPECT, and the need to BIG HER UP because she is Jamaica’s first female Prime Minister?

RUBBISH! When leaders are ELECTED, they should possess the ability to LEAD.

Real leaders do not tell people that they have to wait seven days to get answers to CRITICAL ISSUES FACING THE COUNTRY.

Real leaders are AWARE of what is happening to both COUNTRY and PEOPLE.

Real leaders look for solutions, not excuses. Real leaders CARE, don’t sit on their ‘behines’ and feed the people MUMBO JUMBO to make themselves look good.

Now the QUESTION is Do  Jamaicans want real leaders, or are they going to remain die heart PNP or JLP supporters  to the DETRIMENT of both PEOPLE and COUNTRY?

At what point do we free ourselves from the shackles of partisan politics and vote on ISSUES, ACCOUNTABILITY, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and stop putting people on PEDESTALS who do not deserve to be there?


Take a good look around you and ask yourself HOW PROUD AM I OF BEING JAMAICAN?

I can HONESTLY say that after 50 odd years of INDEPENDENCE if this is where we are, then we have achieved NOTHING, and PRIDE is not what I am feeling.

 I feel disgust. Disgust to see where we are and that because of IGNORANCE and ILLITERACY we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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