Is Laziness and Greed killing Jamaica?

Can you read? If yes, then come closer.

Are you Christian or do you believe in Jesus,/God/Jah/Jehovah (same person, different names)? If yes, what are you doing to stop the crime in Jamaica?

Are you among those destroying Jamaica? When will this laziness, greed, hate, bad minding, and jealousy fueling our violence end?

Haven’t you had enough? Don’t you want to feel safe walking up and down the streets of Jamaica?

For those so called ‘badman’ and ‘teef’ (weak men for me), how would you feel if someone went to your yard or business and robbed  you of what you worked hard to achieve,  killed your children, spouse, and parents?

Does that make you more of a man? No, that makes you an evil and lazy person.

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Image Source:

What else will you have left to rob, after you have stolen from every house in Jamaica and killed everybody?

Only you will be left and the other gun men. Will that give you happiness? Do you think God will await you with open arms?

I don’t think so. You will suffer in hell and so will your family, as you have cursed them with your terrible acts.

Why not get together and help build up a better and safer Jamaica? We are one, we are all connected in one way or another.

Fighting against each other will just destroy our beautiful island that sadly, is not a paradise anymore.

We have to wake up and take the chains of oppression off our shoulders, hands wrists, and ankles and walk towards freedom.

We have to free ourselves from mental slavery.

We can do this by educating ourselves and our children.Let them know what greed and laziness leads to from a very early age.

We have to know our worth.

They can stop you, her, him and me individually, but the can’t stop “Jamaica” if we stand together against unjustness.

Wake up!!! There is no time to lose, our beautiful Jamaica is crying out for help.

Chronixx’s song will be just a passage in history, once Jamaica can’t smile anymore.

Smile for me Jamaica, smile!


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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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