Missing 13-yr-old student found dead

According to a report by Irie FM, a Trelawny family has been left traumatised after a 13-year-old girl, who was reported missing three days ago was found dead in Stewart Castle, near Duncans in the parish, yesterday afternoon (October 1) 

A relative identified the body as that of Aleisha Brown, of Refuge District in Trelawny.

Young Brown was a grade 8 student, at the Muschette High School in Wakefield, some 15 miles away from where she lived.


Her body was discovered shortly after 12 o’clock yesterday afternoon in bushes, in the neighbouring community of Stewart Castle.

She had been reported missing on Monday.

The body, which was reportedly still clad in uniform, appeared to have a wound to the head.

There are unconfirmed reports she might have been sexually assaulted.

Aleisha Brown - Source: iriefm.net
Aleisha Brown – Source: iriefm.net

Source: Irie FM

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Beverley Lewis-Paul
5 years ago

It had to be someone she knew.

Totlyn Passley
5 years ago

The school was too far away from home…15 Miles for a grade 8 child is too much. Parents need to think.

Peter Johnson
5 years ago

oh man so sad i’m lost for words
families i can just imagine what you’re
all going though right now god speed.