We NEED Justice for Mario Deane – Sign the Petition!

I am seriously upset and any Jamaican who is not, should be ASHAMED of themselves.

A young man lost his LIFE, simply because he was smoking a spliff, and not only do you have the Police High Command saying that the police is NOT responsible for his death (after THEY the police said he fell out of bed, then changed the story to he was beaten by inmates).

Now you have a well known politician saying the answer to PREVENT further incidences such as this one is to SUSPEND ALL ARRESTS FOR GANJA SPLIFFS, and now the Cannabis Task Force is also calling for a halt to all spliff arrests? SERIOUSLY?

This is CRAZY, a mother has lost her child, and the concern is about smoking ganja spliff?


Petition Facebook page Justice for Mario DeaneSo what about bringing to JUSTICE those who so blatantly disregarded the LIFE of MARIO DEANE?

And to add insult to injury do they think people are a bunch of IDIOTS?

What bed do you fall off of that leaves you in that state?

And how in God’s name if as they say he was beaten by INMATES, were the INMATES allowed to beat him to that point without the intervention of the POLICE?

And if he was granted bail for smoking the spliff, and was on his way out of the Police Station, and the words “MI NUH LIKE POLICE” were uttered, was that grounds to LOCK him back up, and place him in a cell with criminals who would do that to him? REALLY?

As a people we need to RISE up together and DEMAND JUSTICE, not just for MARIO DEANE, but for the many others who have suffered and WILL suffer  at the hands of some police officers who instead of SERVING and PROTECTING, are BEATING and KILLING.

Enough is ENOUGH!


If any foreign dignitary was  treated in this manner, THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN HELL TO PAY.

Mario was a CITIZEN of Jamaica. He did not KILL anyone, and his memory DESERVES much better than this.

Sign the Petition below to Hold the Police accountable for for the Death of Mario Deane

Mario Deane Petition

LIKE the Demanding Justice for Mario Deane Facebook page as well HERE

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