Many Jamaicans Furious after Bus Fare Increase

The spending power of most Jamaicans has taken a beating in recent times.

The rapid devaluation of the dollar has forced persons to cut back on even the most basic necessities.

Now many Jamaicans will have to dig much deeper to travel on JUTC buses.

According to a report by Loop Jamaica, many persons have reacted with shock and anger to the increase in bus fares by the Jamaican Urban Transit Company.


The Transport Ministry has announced a 50 per cent increase in bus fares for children and the disabled, and a 20 per cent hike for adults. Fares for seniors have been tripled.

“Another fare increase in the space of a year. How are we going to cope?” asked Chavis Powell, a commuter in Papine.

“Me hear the reports; this is not fair,” a shocked Anthony Authur, another commuter, said.

Bus fare hike raise in Jamaica
A commuter gets on to a JUTC bus in Papine. Jamaicans are fuming over hike in bus fares announced by the Transport Ministry on Wednesday.

When the increases become effective on August 24, adult passengers will have to pay $120, up from $100.

Children and disabled passenger fares move from $20 to $30.

While seniors over 60 years old will pay $60, up from $20.

The last fare increase was in September 2013.


“We really are living in the last days as the bible foretold. The government does not care about its subjects and that is why we look to not a manmade government but a heavenly one,” said an incensed Loop News reader, Khemo.

Khemo added: “Jehovah will soon rid the earth of all wickedness and mankind will be able to live in peace, with perfect health, security, living conditions will be better.”

Source: Loop Jamaica

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