Youth Minister wants explanation on insertion of oral, anal sex acceptance in Children’s Sex Education Course

lisaYouth Minister Lisa Hanna has demanded explanations from the Child Development Agency (CDA) following reports that Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) has been conducting an un-authorized programme, in six privately operated children’s homes.

The CDA has responsibility for the regulation of children’s homes and places of safety.

The agency reported last week, that it only became aware of the unauthorized sexual education programme being implemented by the human rights lobby group, through a newsletter issued by the JFJ recently.

According to a report from the Gleaner, the course outline in which the wards of these children’s homes were taught that “vaginal sex, anal sex and oral sex are forms of sexual penetration“, with no immediate reference to the fact that anal sex remains illegal in Jamaica. There are concerns that the course was altered by gay-rights promoters.


A statement from the Youth Ministry says Ms. Hanna wrote to Chief Executive Officer of the CDA, Rosalee Gage-Grey last week.

In the letter, Ms. Hanna has requested information on the circumstances, which led to the programme being implemented for eight or nine months without the agency’s knowledge.

In addition, the Youth Minister wants to know about the suitability of the material for the children.

The Ministry says initial reports to the Minister suggest that the content and material used in the programme may not have been age-appropriate.

Ms. Hanna says if that is correct, it would be a severe breach of the operating guidelines for children’s homes upon which licenses were granted.

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