Revolutionizing Politics is Jamaica’s Business… Not Politicians

Whether you talk to a Jamaican citizen or a visitor on tour enjoying the natural riches of the island, the similarities in their reactions cannot be missed. The almost bewildered to resigned looks on their faces, and the words that echo the sentiments that Jamaica is such a beautiful island with so much potential that has been crippled by the greed and corruption of politicians, is nothing but the unrefined truth.

The level of filth and garbage that is now so commonplace in our island is in sync with the level of crime and corruption that flows from the human factors that occupy what is deemed the headquarters of the nation – the House of Parliament. It is sad to see that as a people we have become so oblivious to the garbage swirling around us as we traverse the streets of the island’s filth-ridden towns and cities. Sometimes one can’t help but wonder if the people ever feel like rats coming out to dig for treasure among the piles of garbage. What does that have to do with revolution and politics?

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That same form of oblivion towards the garbage overflowing our nation is very evident in the way we as a nation deal with the crime and corruption unleashed through politics. Just like garbage overruns the nation’s streets, the effects of the sort of politics this nation has experienced continues to suffocate and bleed the life out of this country. Politically aided crime and corruption have for decades caused this nation to be washed in blood, poverty and illiteracy. Yet, at the end of every term of service, the nation’s streets, as well as the schools and town halls, come alive with the green and orange as well as the bigoted cries of political leaders and their captivated followers.


The war of words begin (or rather intensifies) with fingers jabbing at the other party like angry flashing swords. It is a time when politicians get a sudden douse of righteousness, and see the need to call for a change in the way things are done, and their supporters raise their voices in unison crying yeaahhh…  all while they try to hide beneath their garb the ills that their party has done and continues to do. JLP is not responsible… PNP is not responsible… No one is responsible for the sad state of the country, yet ever since we gained independence, the two parties have been the ones “running things.”


Both PNP and JLP are corrupt destroy JamaicaDirt Cannot Cleanse Dirt

One of the major mistakes we keep making as a nation is to continuously call on those responsible for the dirt to clean up their actions, and therefore the nation. We are now over fifty years and counting. Just like a priest/pastor who rapes little boys entrusted to his care still feels righteous enough to administer baptism, preach the word against sin and immorality, discipline/back bench the brothers and sisters whose sins become known, and carry out the rite of communion, our politicians carry out their acts of rape and righteous rituals on this nation. As long as the man committing the crime is left to administer righteousness, there will be no change. The rapes will continue.


Start with the “Righteous”

It is commonplace for politicians to shed tears and utter a few holy words – with a catch in their voice – in the right place and at the right time (a church or holy gatherings). What better way is there to ensure that they score big with those who profess their ability to sniff out sin and sinners.  Politicians, in all their fancy garbs, can sit in the most holy sections of the church or at the national prayer breakfast with all those holy men around, yet no one breaks out in the spirit crying about the evil that permeates the area. The scenario is different for a little church brother or sister who the Holy Spirit (often nothing but the wind bearing the utterances of gossip) seems to tattle on, telling the holier sisters and brothers about their indiscretions and downfalls.

It is not uncommon to hear howls of screaming and Holy Ghost filled chants coming from the house of God as they try to battle with some evil that has been detected. It is not uncommon to hear of a brother or sister being chastised or disciplined for one reason or another.

I recently asked a holy ghost filled sister, who is also a diehard supporter for one of the political parties, how is it that they can sense evil in a “common man” like myself, and start pleading the Blood of Jesus, but the script changes when politicians who are known doers of evil are in their midst.


If Christians do have the power to sniff out evil as they profess they can, it’s time to start with those leading the nation. It’s over 50 years late. The nation has been, and continues to be washed with blood, poverty and corruption that is aligned with politics/politicians, yet we see men of God (including the GG) rubbing shoulders with these evil doers without the Holy Spirit springing into action. Some of these same holy men of God would turn away from the home of a “common man” claiming that they sense evil powers within. Is the Holy Spirit a hypocrite? Or…  Are Christians stifling the Spirit to suit their own biases?


Let’s Change the Game

Young politicians have without fail, proven they are like a new growth of cancerous political cells. If we are serious about changing the course on which this nation has been placed to sink, we have to eradicate politicians/political parties and set up a new system of governance that will see the people of Jamaica IN CHARGE of our destiny. We need a system where we hire competent people trained in the areas they seek to serve.

An idea… The people of the nation should determine the number of ministries needed to cover the needs of the nation. Competent Jamaicans from home as well as the Diaspora who are interested in serving their country are then invited to apply to for the job in the area in which they have expertise. The period of campaigning becomes more like a job interview being played out on national TV, where applicants for each ministry (finance, tourism, agriculture, security etc) display their portfolios, debate and carry out other stipulated activities to demonstrate their competence to the nation.

There are no mass gatherings and no motorcades for campaigns, hence no need for exorbitant campaign funds and candidates are not allowed to raise their own funds either. The funds, as well as the duration of the campaign is set and comes from the public purse. Private interest within or outside of the country would have no basis on which to pass on gift monies to any candidate because there’s no guarantee who will win and no political party under whose skirts the funds can be stashed.

On election day, each citizen vote for the candidate they think will be best for the job. The term of service is no more than two years, and at the slightest hint of corruption or incompetence (once it’s investigated and proven) a candidate is removed from the post which will then be filled by the individual with the second highest vote. With no political parties behind which they can run for coverage, and a full understanding that their reputation is on the line, there’s little doubt the quality and integrity of those who offer themselves for service will be a complete revolution to what we have grown accustomed over the years.

Not a nitty gritty idea, but one that can be built upon.


Stop Modeling the USA and Look Elsewhere for Workable Solutions

The old saying that if the US sneezes Jamaica catches a cold is not even funny. It is an outright indication of just how much we have stuck our head up the derriere of that nation, collecting what comes from that end of the anatomy.  I recently came across a post about Norway. Based on the post and the comments of those who live and have been to that country, the quality of life in the US cannot be compared to that of Norway. The education funding is much better, and the system there is set up so the wealth from the oil is spread to the citizens, not allow a few.


One commenter offered that another reason for the better quality of life and governance in Norway is that those in public office are only allowed to serve for one year. This of course means there was no time to sit and get comfortable enough to rob the public purse and carry out all sorts of corrupt acts. Pretty much the opposite here in Jamaica isn’t it? Politicians have become so comfortable in robbing the public purse, accepting gift monies to grant favors to “preferred” investors and making sure they have the backs of their political colleagues. The results… we are one of the poorest, most indebted and corrupt nations in the world.


Revolution is Revolution 

We all acknowledge that something is horribly wrong in this nation. If one wants to unearth the truth, they need only to speak/listen to diehard supporters of both parties. They’ll tattle on the other party, hanging out all the wrongs the opponent has done while they try to justify the actions of their party. The result is that the political horrors that both parties have unleashed on this nation will stand there naked for all to see. This nation has suffered. The slave master-like situation which we are afflicted is different from that which from which our ancestors fought for freedom, but is equally grave as it is being done by our own. It is one that has shed the blood of, and impoverished thousands Jamaicans. We need a revolution, and it is a revolution against our own leaders and yes, the very system which was used as a vehicle to independence.

It has served its purpose, and must now be retired. When it comes to the good of the nation, we must never become slaves to any one system. We must be able to decide on what works, what no longer works and what changes to make. Politics is a breeding ground for the all manner of evil that have infested this nation, raping and causing her to come down with disease after disease. It is time that we as a people pick up the mantle and help our nation, our island home experience the cleansing she deserves.

At the end of a sermon, the preacher usually makes an alter call, asking people to let go of the sin that is holding them back. Sin is sweet, but salvation is sweeter. Well… Politics is sweet, but a country free from political corruption is even sweeter. Eradicate politics and many of the ills that beset or nation will go. Ghettos, crime and violence, poverty, illiteracy and corruption will fall at such an alarming rate, we’d have to gasp for precious oxygen as we look on at the wonder of it all. Revolution is revolution. It has been years since our last and our forefathers played their part.

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