Remember when Jamaica was the talk of the Caribbean, and we all had fun in the sun?

Remember when our people all IDENTIFIED as ONE?
Remember when we used to chase peenie wally and ketch dem suh put inna bottle?
Remember when the elders were were people we RESPECTED and looked up tuh?

Remember di jolly bus and di patty pan dem?
And how we use hug Miss Lou, Mass Ranny and all di oda ones dem?
Remember JBC, RJR, Barry G, Neville the devil Willoby, Ernie Smith and di song Pitta Patta, eating di white rice wid so so butta?

Remember the LOVE, the UNITY, that was shared between each other, and how one time gone we was all like sistas and brothers?
Remember the DUTCH POT, the COAL POT, and the COLD IRON? Remember Breda Anancy, rolling calf, di ska, di reggae beat, and all di tings Remember when Jamaica was nice?dem dat use fi meck we proud f be Jamaicans?


Remember when Granny was granny , and wen she talk we betta listen?
Remember how dem use fi rub yuh dung wid coconut oil till yuh skin start glisten?
Remember when kids were kids, and only speak when they were spoken tuh?
Remember when every ADULT was yuh Cousin, yuh Grandma, yuh Grandpa, yuh Aunt or yuh Uncle?

Now dese days mi just sit back and a wonder is wha really happen?
How wid all a di new technology we really nah gwan wid nutten?
How we juss a kill, fight and tear dung each oda, How we nuh memba dat at one time we was all sistas and brothers?

More time mi heart weep, di tears fall, fi see weh we really come tuh
and mi wonda how di hell we juss sidung suh and meck dem tings yah happen
Nah give up still cause a deh suh mi come from
And JAH know I and I will always be PROUD to call I self JAMAICAN.


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