Gay rights group wants visas for Jamaican Government Officials revoked!

CAGI wans jamaican visas revoked cancelledAccording to a report by RJR News,  Citizens Advocacy Group International Support Initiative (CAGI) – wants the revocation of US visas issued to Jamaican Government officials and citizens who violate the rights of  homosexuals.

The group, which says it’s affiliated with international gay rights organizations, also wants aid supplied by the US and Europe to Jamaica withdrawn.

CAGI says it will not allow members of  the religious community to dictate the rights that gay men are entitled to.

Opposing groups on the gay rights issue have recently been mobilised, primarily by the dismissal of Professor Brendan Bain  as Director of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network (CHART).


A mass protest has been organized by a coalition of church groups for this Sunday in Kingston’s busy Half-Way-Tree Square to escalate their opposition to the “gay agenda” in Jamaica.

CAGI has also called for the Government of Jamaica to address the attack on the gay community and enforce the constitutional rights guaranteed to all citizens.


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