15 yr-old Jamaican gets to show off application he developed to America’s First Lady!

15 year old Shavonne Campbell has only been living in the United States for fourteen months since he left Jamaica.

Despite living there for a relatively short period of time, the St. Georges past student has already been granted face time with America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Shavonne is currently a part of a New York summer enrichment program.

His opportunity of a lifetime came after he and fellow high school student Annie Willis were requested to show off an application they developed to the First Lady.


Jamaican boy 15 yr old Shavonne Campbell Lady Obama appThe enrichment program he is a part of  targets middle- and high-school students in New York and Washington, D.C. and gives them the opportunity to travel abroad and learn digital skills.

Campbell, who currently lives in Brooklyn, said the game he showed the First Lady was a collaborative effort.

“We all made it. Seven other kids, we made the game together,” Campbell said. “One person came up with the idea of Jackie Robinson because she actually lived in the building of Ebbets Field, where he used to play.”

Michelle Obama encouraged the student leaders to continue their learning year-round. (Image courtesy of Murugi Thande)

Campbell was seemingly elated to receive such a wonderful opportunity based on what he had to say after meeting the First Lady.

“I just felt so excited to talk to her because I’ve only been here for 14 months, and the opportunity, that I got to meet such an important lady to this country, I was very thrilled,” Campbell said.



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