Speak Out

Children from every ethnicity country and class

are locked up in cages of silence

Trapped by fear

The fear of disbelief


Africans, Americans, Europeans, Asians and West Indians are being infected

by this unbearable and demoralising disease called

Child Abuse

It is passed down from generation to generation

Guilty parents adopting from their predators

then try to pass it down to their successors

poem about child abuse encouraging children to speak about itCreepy hands running into the future of their sons and daughters


Clandestinely taking away their innocence

Turning bright glassy crystal eyes

Into streams of obscurity ignominy and resentment

Children are being exploited

from border to border without limitation

Children are sold into the arms of gangs

for sexual exploitation

Children are locked up in basements

alienated from the rays of each day


they are buffeted with wipes and iron

in the dungeon of hell, they whisper to themselves

‘Someone help me’

This is the time to stifle silence and speak out

Don’t be terrified anymore, just speak out

Run to a radio station

Blare it out in the middle of a church service

Shout it out at your graduation

Just to get the right person’s attention

Don’t conceal it any longer, whatever you have been promised


Your freedom from this enslavement is priceless

If you have to sound or look crazy to be heard

Just face it and speak out

Staying in silence will deteriorate your future

Quench the fire of suicide with the water called ‘speak out’

Even if you are an adult, be free

Like Oprah Winfrey

blare it out, shout it out, just do it

be the first and speak out


– Daron Chosen Smith


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Roxana Alexandra Bucur


Blue Phire
8 years ago

How can I post on this site?

Blue Phire
7 years ago

How can I post on this site?

Alexandra Bucur
7 years ago