Jamaica Police Federation complains about low wages

Police wages salaries pay in Jamaica are too lowThe Police Federation wants the government to correct what it says, is an anomaly in how a Constable is paid, in relation to Security Guards.

Federation Cairman Sergeant Raymond Wilson also urged  Security Minister Peter Bunting to lobby for a lifting of the wage restraint on public sector workers.

Sergeant Wilson said police officers are suffering, and that officers were not sure how they would survive for the remaining year of the wage freeze.

In making a case to Mr. Bunting, the Chairman pointed to research which he said had shown that the salaries of constables were just a few cents higher than that of security guards.


According to figures presented by Sergeant Wilson security guards were being paid $283.27 an hour for a forty hour work week inclusive of laundry and firearm allowances.

He said a constable at the lowest level was receiving $299.24 cents per hour and they sometimes worked up to 70 hours a week.

Sergeant Wilson urged the minister to a lobby on their behalf.

He was speaking at the recent Police Federation Annual Conference.

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