Jamaican government refuses to take back nationals in UK prisons – Many Britons angered!

Many residents of the United Kingdom have been angered by the Jamaican government’s refusal to take back hundreds of prisoners currently being held in UK prisons.

According to a report by the daily mail: Hundreds of Jamaican prisoners are to stay in British jails at a cost of £27m a year after their government turned down a deal for them to be returned.

The Ministry of Justice has been trying to persuade successive Jamaican governments to allow up to 737 prisoners to be returned to the island to serve sentences for crimes committed in the UK.

A voluntary agreement to allow prisoner transfers was signed in 2007 but seven years later it has still not been ratified by the Jamaican parliament.


Jamaicans make up third largest group of foreign nationals in UK jails.

Jamaicans in UK prisonsPersons wasted no time to share their opinions on the matter with many suggesting that the United Kingdom stop issuing visas to Jamaican nationals altogether.

Some online comments included:

“Dump them in the sea off the Jamaican coast and see if Jamaica care enough to save them”.

“Easy just stop issuing visas to Jamaican nationals for visits to the UK until they comply , it won’t harm British interests in any way it’s pretty much one way traffic and many of them overstay visas anyway”.

“Don’t give the Jamaican government the option just load them onto a plane and fly it over there and drop them off. Then send the bill to the Jamaican PM for the flight and the cost of keeping their citizens in a 5 star hotel (called prison) for the amount of time they have served. STOP been so SOFT with this tin pot countries and start STANDING UP for Britain Mr Cameron”.

“Pretty sure that we provide millions/billions of aid to Jamaica. Stop it now”.

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