Schools Locking Out Students for Improper Uniform

Let me address this issue of students being locked out of high schools for improper uniform.

It is the Parents’ or Guardians’ responsibility to ensure that they get the exact & correct uniform specification & design from the school, and see to it that the uniform is made exactly according to specification! If the Parents or Guardians fail to do this, then they are the ones who are responsible for ANY HARM that the child may encounter when that child is prevented from entering the school & sent home!!

Parents, Guardians, & Students must understand and accept that it is the Principal, along with his/her board, who RUNS the school, and NOT them! Ergo, they must be willing to bear the consequences for usurping the school’s Dress Code and Rules! The school is ONLY responsible for the care & protection of students the second they enter the school’s perimeter fencing; and ergo, cannot be responsible for students who were locked out & prevented from entering the school’s compound!

cannot go to school in wrong uniformThis is how the transfer of responsibility for students work: The Parents or Guardians are responsible for the protection of the student while the student is at Home. The Student, using the training from his/her Parents or Guardians, is temporarily responsible for his/her protection & safe travel to school; and the Drivers of Public vehicle are responsible for safely commuting the students in their vehicles. The school’s Administrators & Teachers are Fully responsible for the Students’ safety & protection the second the students enter the school’s compound, and lasts right until the students leave the school compound at the end of the school session. The transfer of responsibility then goes in the reverse order for students leaving school en route to their home.

Hence, it is only an irrational excuse for unruly minded Parents, Guardians, & Adult citizens to say that it is the school’s Administrators who are to be blamed for any harm of students who were locked out of school due to improper uniform! Students need to learn from early that it is the same way they will be locked out of work places & other buildings if they refuse to abide by the Dress Code & Rules! Ok?? However, the school’s Administrators could try a Humiliating Punishment Strategy proposed by a Female Citizen, which is to make those unruly students wear extremely long & big uniforms on the compound for the day, every time they wear improper uniform to school.


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