Should High Schools Issue Condoms to Students??


High School is an educational institution for CHILDREN to go and develop their academical and intellectual potential and abilities.

It is NOT a place for condoning, encouraging, or facilitating ADULT-LIKE activities such as Sexual practices; and hence, if any child thinks he/she has to be having SEX while in High School, then that child should be willing to go to the shops or other outlets to purchase condoms for him/herself, and also be prepared to face the FULL force of the consequences that will follow when children are engaged in sexual activities before time! Why is our nation so corrupt and immoral that people are so willing to abandon or water down standards and principles in order to please those who feel they are too BIG to abide by rules and regulations? One day we might very well hear people talking about providing secluded ROOMS in High Schools for children to have sex with their partner(s), because it would be better for them to have sex at school instead of somewhere no one knows about. Damn, our society has become a FREE FOR ALL, ANYTHING GOES society!

giving kids in school condoms a good bad thingWe are indeed facing harsh realities in this so-called ‘modern’ world; and it is full time for everyone, including our bad breed own way children, to start facing the FULL and BLUNT CONSEQUENCES for their obduracy and forced ripeness! You don’t create a moral, decent, and ethical society by relaxing, abandoning, circumventing, or ignoring moral and ethical standards and principles; since that will ONLY put a mask over the sordid sores of our children’s behaviour and ability to listen and abide by rules and regulations.

Our children in these times are supposed to be much more  intelligent than those of their predecessors due to technology and access to information that weren’t available back in those ancient days. Hence, it is a fact that our now 3rd Generation set of children are in no way oblivious and ignorant to the things that are appropriate and expected of them in order to prevent them from suffering the consequences for adult-like activities while in their youth stage; but instead, they are deliberate, own way, nasty, indisciplined, and determined more than ever to have their way at all cost!


Grrrrrrrr! What say you, John Public?

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