Canadian visa application fee reduced!

Now might be a good time for those desirous of visiting Canada to apply as the application cost for the multiple entry visa has been reduced to CAD$ 100.

According to a report from the Observer:

The Canadian High Commission in Jamaica made the announcement  that the processing fee for its multiple entry temporary resident (previously CAD $150)visa has been reduced by CAD$50.

The reduction that took effect on Thursday  is aimed at promoting tourism and trade by increasing the number of  eligible travellers who are able to make multiple visits.


cost for Canadian visa visit nowHowever, while the fee has been reduced, other fees have also been increased. The application fee for a single entry temporary visa is up CAD$25 to CAD$100  and will be in line with the multiple entry application fee.

The application cost for a family is up a CAD$ 100  to CAD$ 500  while the application fee for a study permit is up CD$25  to CAD$150 .

The work permit for an individual has been increased by CAD$5 to CAD$155  while for a group the fee moves up by CAD$15  to CAD$465 .

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