Searching For Love

I want to find love not tears,

A love that will stand thru years.

I seek a bond that’s so strong,

Steadfast never doing wrong. 


In search of true tender love,

With blessings from above.

Guide my heart to this oasis,

To drink heartily no tiny sips.

A love rooted in true faith,

Never to morph into hate.

how to find love a poem very goodA lover with tender intention,


Who gives love, no hesitation.

Fruits from love’s sweet harvest,

This I shall hungrily digest.

Grant me this my dear Lord,

That I may never know discord.

A love that grows strong in time,

One that I can claim as mine.


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Marlon Whyte
9 years ago

Loved the poem. I’m gonna share some of mine asap

Marlon Whyte
8 years ago

Loved the poem. I’m gonna share some of mine asap