Jamaica is a Traumatized Society!

The bottom line is that Jamaica is a traumatized society, dealing at once with the legacy of western colonialism, the cultural, economic and military dominance of America and Europe; the exploitation, humiliation and suffering unloaded on its citizens by corrupt, brainwashed, ignorant and hard-hearted politicians; the ravages of a civil war being played out among its youngest and the wanton murders, suicides, rapes and general viciousness being experienced in our country!!

Jamaica is a traumatized society, the manifest horrors of death and destruction around us have lead to a fear of each other that is palpable!!!

The legacy of slavery and colonialism have resulted in a traumatized society plagued by racism, classism, poverty, colourism, extortion, rape, murder and self hate.

The bottom line is that, as a people – as a nation – we have witnessed the birth of something terrible, intolerable and incomprehensible – that has been unleashed on us, by us and from us!!


The bottom line is that, whether male or female, we must now acknowledge  and confront the trauma we are individually and collectively experiencing, as an epidemic – as that which we cannot bear to be – to see – to listen to – to know – or to ignore!!

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We must discuss and develop treatment modalities to address this problem, before it is too late!!

Treatment modalities, to reveal to ourselves what we are, what we have become and are still becoming….

The bottom line is that, Jamaica is a traumatized society with most of the population largely neglected in favour of political tribalism, tourism and the private sector! all of which continue to bleed our people and country dry!

The bottom line is that, while many of our politicians – male and female – have shed their warmongering, underhanded, devil dealing suits for grey silk suits, white shirts and pink ties, their corrupt deeds continue to permeate the society.

It is preposterous, if not absurd to expect them  to take the necessary steps to address the trauma. they would rather step aside – rather than implement change to address the rot and decaying situation!

So once again, The bottom line,  is that if we are to see change in our current decadent, putrid situation, we must be willing to grab the blade and take back control of our country! take Jamaica back from the men and women who would drag us further into corruption and tribalism (for believe this) when it comes to political tribalism, gangsterism and corruption, there is absolutely no distinction between the current cohort of men and the women who sit in parliament, on both sides of the house  and would pretend to govern.


The bottom line is that as a people we have experienced so much death, violence, pain, loss , grief and suffering that many of us have become desensitized and hardened by it.

The bottom line is that……. more than three generations of Jamaicans have been born into apathy and senseless violence, and the task of reaching for meaningfulness is ignored or even devalued!

The bottom line is, that our young men are “dumbing” down to descend to the standards which we’ve set for them, by lifting up heroes and role models who cannot read or write, by elevating criminals and ignoramuses, by giving prominence to loud and vulgar behaviour and by making the aspiration to excellence offensive.

The bottom line,  is that Jamaica is a traumatized society and until we realize that we have lost meaning and control as a nation, that the society is being ripped apart by the experience of continuous suffering and pain, that as a people we are wounded by our collective experiences of neo  – colonialism, political tribalism, corruption, violence, rape, colourism, racism, classism, tourism – until we recognize that these terrible ills can be overcome – we may never seek treatment or face our problem. and it makes no sense arguing that simply because one is woman she is better able to govern – rubbish!

The bottom line is,  that we have seen so far that the women in politics have individually and collective rallied around party and have refused to call their colleagues (male and female) on tribalism, gangsterism, corruption, inaction and the pandering to neocolonialism!

The bottom line,  is that neo colonialism must be rejected from any perspective, ethically, morally, legally or from a perspective of human rights and justice!

The bottom line is that ……………neo colonialism which comes to us wrapped in packages labelled I.M.F…or E.P.A…or World Bank loan….or the selling off of our public beaches…must be vigorously rejected from any point of view…

The bottom line,  is that we need leaders who are able to redefine what it means to be human, what constitutes a good life, what desecrates it, and how we can restore it – together.

Leaders who will we guide the process to  formulate treatment programmes that will empower and free us from the legacies of partisan politics. leaders who will  steer the effort to restore humanity to those we now consider mere votes and keepers of the party line and who have been condemned to poverty for party sake!


Leaders who will guide the effort to restore the human spirit to our youth who consider themselves residents of the ghetto and hence less than human. youths who have come to actually believe that there is such a place and proudly exhibit the ghetto state of mind, immortalizing the ghetto in song and poetry as if it’s something to aspire to!

The bottom line,  is that we need leaders, male or female who are passionately committed to formulating treatment programmes that seek to empower our citizens to lead meaningful, humane existence. to empower each and every Jamaican through education, access to proper housing, land ownership and community development

The bottom line is that Jamaica is a leaderful country, we  are all of us individually – leaders –  and we need not be designated to a position of leadership to take action where we are, to demand accountability from those who occupy such positions, to reject corruption and gangsterism, from man or woman!

The bottom line is that we can ensure the change to borrow from the expert on action learning, Joe Raelin, if we work with others in any capacity, we are capable of exerting leadership.

The bottom line is that we must and we can, in our homes and our communities, formulate treatment programmes that will empower us to participate in civil society equally, in the name of social justice

The bottom line is that for us, “the meaning of life must of force reveal itself on the verge of death” and that’s The bottom line!

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