Police posts installed in several Jamaican communities

Mobile police posts have been deployed across the island to increase police presence in high-risk communities.

Minister of national security, Peter Bunting says the mobile posts are renovated 45-foot containers fitted with showers and office spaces  to accommodate up to four officers at a time.  The ‘police-in-a-box’ as the minster calls it has already seen some deployment with additional units to be continually distributed, over time.

The aim of the mobile police post is to allow officers to move quickly into an area that might be seeing an increase in criminal activities at any point in time. The units are self-contained with solar cells removing them from the national power grid.

Police in the communities  They are also equipped with AC units, bunk beds and showers for police officers, as well as a dispute resolution area to facilitate citizens. According to Mr Bunting  the portable police post  will support mobile foot patrols  in active areas.


The minster was speaking  at the launch of the unit for change campaign at the police officers club in Kingston  yesterday. The initiative will see strategies put-in-place  to curb the growth of crime in Jamaica. Meantime, Mr Bunting said  the long term plan is for the police force to also acquire a number of properties  to increase proximity to troubled areas.

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