Jamaica Exporters Association NOT in Support of Trinidadian Boycott

The Jamaica Exporters Association says it is not in support of a boycott of Trinidadian products.

Talk of boycotting products made in Trinidad came after immigration officials in the twin island republic denied entry to thirteen Jamaicans recently.

Trinidad’s foreign affairs minister Winston Dookeran has been in Jamaica over the past two days at the invitation of his Jamaican counterpart Senator AJ Nicholson to discuss immigration and other Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) issues.

Jamaica boycott goods from TrinidadJEA president Andrew Collins says he understands the nature of the issue, but he believes that they can be dealt with amicably.


He adds that he knows that Trinidad’s foreign affairs minister Winston Dookeran is aware of the boiling issue and he was confident about the issues being resolved.

He states that regional integration was always a good thing and although there have been similar issues in the past regarding trade, the matters have been solved.

Meantime, group chief executive officer at Grace Kennedy Don Wehby says Grace Kennedy would not be in support of a boycott.

He notes that the company actually exported more to Trinidad than it imported from the country and a boycott would not be the ideal manner to deal with the current situation.

Both Mr Collins and Mr Wehby were speaking yesterday afternoon at the luncheon at the Jamaica Exporters Association Office in Kingston.

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