Homosexuals engage in sexual acts in Jamaican Club

Jamaica’s Offences Against the Person Act prohibits “acts of gross indecency” (generally meaning that a person can be charged for exposing oneself or for engaging in sexual intercourse in public). The offence buggery, which falls under Section 76 of that Act is defined as anal intercourse between a man and a woman, or between two men.

According to a report by The Star:

Alleged international gay men form part of a multi-million dollar business where live sex is performed onstage for the pleasure of those who are invited to the private club or who can pay the alleged fee, beginning at US$170, to get in.

The invitation-only club does not have a name and people are paid not to speak about the nightly activities.


John Clarke, a recent visitor to the club, told THE WEEKEND STAR he was shocked, not at the antics which unfolded at the club, but at what he witnessed happening in Jamaica.

Gay men have sex in Jamaica buggeryHe said: “I am totally shocked! I don’t think I have recovered as yet. I’m aware of the practice because I have been to Montreal, Canada, at the Peel Club and have seen it, and I think that’s where they got the idea, but it is outrageous!

I’m not familiar with the town, but I think it’s on the outskirts,” Clarke said of the club’s exact location. “What happens is that you just drive to a location and persons take your car, then you are transported to the spot.”

He said based on what he uncovered, the club has been in operation for roughly three years.

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