‘Healer’ Man lures children from School

A man who calls himself a healer man was caught at the entrance of a school trying to convince students to go to an unknown location with him. The man is now in police custody.

The man has since been charged with possession of marijuana, indecent language, and being in possession of an offensive weapon. The perpetrator is Karron Allen, a 30 year old man from Spanish town, St. Catherine.

prey on children, how many children are abductedAccording  to reports, the police arrived at a location where the ‘healer man’  was seen attempting to entice children with chocolate. He was also observed trying to take children away from the school.  He was then approached by police officers and a knife and marijuana were found during a search of his person. Following the discovery of the items, the man was arrested and charged.

Police officers are pleading with parents to have a watchful eye on their children.


“It is very serious times and many strange activities can take over our children”, said Special constable Melissa Streete.

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