Three ‘Gunwomen’ Arrested in Robbery

The Nurses’ association of Jamaica (NAJ) was reportedly attacked by three women yesterday. According to Garth Kitson, general manager at Guardsman Alarms,  at least one of the women was armed. Security personnel with the assistance of law enforcement officials captured the women and also recovered an illegal firearm.

At about 2 p.m. yesterday, an alarm was activated and members of the Guardsman security company arrived at the location on Trevennion Park Road in Kingston. Following their arrival, the security team arrived at the location, they observed three women and briefly monitored their actions.

dangerous women, dangerous femalesA joint sting operation was then carried out with members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

A member of the security team said, “It was basically a joint operation between ourselves and a JCF team … we responded to our clients after allegations that shots were fired … we were able to apprehend three females and seized one firearm …”


Senior Superintendent of Police(SSP) Fitz Bailey, head of the St Andrew Central Police Division, confirmed that three females are in custody.

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