Jamaica Aims for Nationwide Electricity Coverage

Jamaica is preparing to team up with to Cuba to produce cost effective solar light panels locally. 

This collaboration is a part of the government’s plan of injecting renewable sources of energy into the local energy sector in an attempt to curb the country’s huge energy bill. 

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Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell made the disclosure during the ceremonial switching on of lights in the communities of New Forest and Plumwood in the central parish of Manchester last week, said that the Rural Electrification Programme (REP) Limited will guide the process. 

This is in keeping with the agency’s new mandate, which focuses on developing renewable energy solutions for those households farther than three kilometres from the national grid, and promoting energy efficiency and conservation. 


Earlier this year in his Budget Debate presentation, Paulwell said the renewable energy solutions will target the remaining four per cent of rural households yet to receive electricity, in order to provide 100% electrification island-wide.

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