Former broadcaster Sentenced to Prison

Former broadcaster, Wayne Whyte, is to spend fourteen years in prison, for the 2012 gun attack on fellow broadcaster, Jody-Ann Gray.

He was sentenced to a total of 29 years, however he will only spend 14 years, as the sentences, are to run con-currently.

Wayne Whyte and his co-accused Safari Farr received similar sentences today (July 8).

They had pleaded guilty in the Gun Court to wounding with intent, and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition. 


Whyte and Farr  were sentenced to14 years for wounding with intent, 10 years for illegal possession of firearm and 5 years for illegal possession of ammunition.

The sentences were handed down today in the Gun Court by Justice Courtney Daye.

In handing down the sentences, Justice Daye said the aggravating circumstances  out-weighed the mitigating circumstances in the case.

He added that Ms. Gray was vulnerable and in the safety of her home at the time of the attack.

In April last year, Ms. Gray, formerly of Kool 97 FM, had just arrived home in Portmore in St. Catherine, when she was attacked and shot in the neck and arm.

Ms. Gray was 7 months pregnant at the time.

Whyte, Farr, and another man, were arrested shortly after the incident.


The third man was a witness for the prosecution.

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