A Charity Foundation for Disadvantaged Children

I am deeply touched by the sufferings of many less fortunate children especially in Jamaica and as a result I decided to highlight a noble organization that will aid in changing the lives of these young ones for the better by helping to provide caring, supportive family environments and holistic educational opportunities.

Educational Foundation For Children´s Care, Inc

The vision of the EFCCI is to provide safe home environments, holistic care and education for children and youth who are among the less privileged in society; through programs that will facilitate the development of their innate abilities and channel their energy into a purposeful life and productive activities.

EFCCI seeks to achieve these objectives through donations, fund raising activities , income generating activities, and grants.


Visit their website HERE for more information.


Below are some enjoyable ways you can help to support them in their endeavors. If you decide to attend, check with the travel agent identified on the cards below:


Family Life Caribbean Cruise


The Holy Land Tour

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