Usain Bolt is No Match for this Fellow

We all know who Usain Bolt is – the fastest man to ever live, the first man to hold both the 100 metres and 200 metres world records, etc.

But have you heard of Usain Colt? He created quite a stir particularly before the Olympic games were held in London, 2012. Horses are very fast animals. Humans are fast, too but still are no match for their four legged friends.

Though he is retired now, Colt had a flawless win record throughout his campaign in the Championship Stakes claiming 14 consecutive victories.

This supreme athlete gallops at a whopping 43 mph which equates to a 100 metres dash of only 5.20 seconds usurping Bolt’s fastest recorded time of 9.58 seconds over the same distance.


Our equine friends have the obvious and distinct advantage of having four legs. One can only imagine how fast Usain Bolt would run as a Colt.

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