Onsen For the First Time

Picked up my friend at the Niimi Station this morning and we were joined by another friend from Hiroshima. So three Jamaicans along with my Japanese friend from the Wednesday  English Conversation went to another prefecture called Shimane, to go to a historical site that I had visited before on May 18…. A place by the name of Izumo Taisha…. There is nothing really extremely impressive about this place to me except that they don’t open a place inside it, every 60 years…
After Izumo Taisha, we went to the museum and then to a villa place where the onsen was..The area where we went to the onsen (a term for hot springs in the Japanese language) is known as Kaike Onsen….This area has many many different onsens and hot spring stuff. The villa that we went to within Kaike onsen was Kanpo No Yado.

Japanese Hot Spring

So we had dinner then I decided to chance the onsen for the first time in my life. I made sure to go when it was late so I didn’t have to see any naked Japanese men walking around. When I went, there were 3 onsen pools… 2 on the inside and 1 on the outside…

There was an old man in the pool outside… Of the 2 pools inside, 1 was really hot and the other one was hot but ok. The one outside where the old man was sitting in…was EXTREMELY HOTTT… I still don’t know how the Japanese people sit in it. Occasionally  there were some guys walking in and out…and it amazes me how easy and effortless it is for these guys to just strip and head for the EXTREMELY HOTTT onsen… All I have to say though is that I thank God for certain gifts that I was blessed with, I will not elabourate on this any further. The onsen wasn’t so exciting as people made it sound to me… It was relaxing though and its good to know that this thing is actually good for your health.

Contributed by Dave Collymore: Visit his blog at: http://davecollyjap.blogspot.jp/


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