Jamaica Prepares for Hurricane Beryl: Only Category 4 Storm Ever Recorded in June

Hurricane Beryl is poised to move across the Windward Islands this morning, threatening several island communities with life-threatening storm surges, violent winds, and flash flooding.

The hurricane is moving west just south of Barbados and is expected to track across the Windward Islands on Monday morning, with St. Vincent, the Grenadines, and Grenada most at risk of being struck by the storm’s core.

Beryl’s arrival marks an exceptionally early and likely devastating start to the Atlantic hurricane season.

It reached Category 4 strength on Sunday, making it the earliest storm of such strength on record in the Atlantic Ocean and the only Category 4 storm ever recorded in June.


By early Monday, the storm had reduced slightly to a Category 3.

If Beryl regains some of its strength, it could become the strongest storm the area has seen since Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

The Meteorological Service of Jamaica advises that people should prepare for hurricane conditions, including extremely dangerous winds, storm surge, heavy rainfall, and thunderstorms, by midweek.

In its 5 am forecast on Sunday, June 30, 2024, the Met Service indicated that current forecast models suggest Jamaica may be impacted by Hurricane Beryl from late Tuesday to early Wednesday.

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