JamWorld Poised to Become Jamaica’s First 24-Hour Entertainment Complex

Jamaica is set to witness the dawn of its first-ever 24-hour entertainment zone with the revitalisation of the iconic JamWorld Entertainment Complex in Portmore, St Catherine.

The much-anticipated announcement was made recently by Governor General Sir Patrick Allen during his Throne Speech at the Ceremonial Opening of Parliament.

The decision to transform JamWorld into a vibrant hub of round-the-clock entertainment comes as part of a strategic initiative to address the growing demand for designated entertainment areas.

Originally the site of the renowned hardcore dancehall show Sting, the complex holds immense historical significance within Jamaica’s entertainment sphere.


Back in 2022, Minister of Entertainment Olivia Grange unveiled plans for the government’s acquisition of the property, emphasising its potential to become a beacon of entertainment excellence.

“We are now in possession of JamWorld at the ministry, and it will be built out as one of the greatest entertainment complexes you can find in this hemisphere,” Grange declared at the time, foreshadowing the ambitious vision for its transformation.

While the timeline for the completion of renovations remains undisclosed, Governor General Sir Patrick Allen underscored the paramount importance of the entertainment sector to Jamaica’s identity and economy.

“Our excellence in entertainment outweighs our size,” he remarked.

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