The Story Of Moses Written In Jamaican Patois

A depiction of Moses

Yah man, me can tell yuh di story of Moses inna Jamaican patois!

So, one time long long ago, di Hebrew people dem did ah suffer inna Egypt under di Pharaoh. One day, a likkle baby boy named Moses born, but Pharaoh did want to kill all di baby boy dem, so Moses’ madda put him inna basket and float him down di river.

Well, Jah know, dat basket end up inna di hands of Pharaoh’s daughter, who take pity pon di baby and adopt him.

Moses grow up inna di palace, but him always know say him a Hebrew.


One day, Moses see one of him Hebrew bredda dem get beaten by di Egyptian overseer, and him get so mad him end up killing di overseer.

So, Moses haffi run weh from Egypt and go live inna di wilderness.

While him a live out deh, Moses see a burning bush, but di bush nah burn up! Jah tell Moses fi go back to Egypt and tell Pharaoh fi let di Hebrew people dem go.

But Pharaoh say no, so Jah send down some big big plague dem fi force Pharaoh fi let di people dem go.

After di ten plague dem, Pharaoh finally let di people dem go, but him change him mind and send him army after dem.

Jah part di Red Sea fi di Hebrew people dem fi escape, and when di Egyptian army try fi follow dem, di sea come back togedda and wash dem away.

Moses lead di Hebrew people dem to Mount Sinai, where Jah give him di Ten Commandments and all di laws dem fi live by.


Moses spend forty years leading di people dem through di wilderness, and even though him never reach di Promised Land himself, him set di foundation fi di Hebrew people dem fi years to come.

So dat a di story of Moses inna Jamaican patois! Give thanks fi di blessings of Jah.

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