The Biggest Irish Golf Betting Events

Golf is one of the biggest sports in Ireland. Though it isn’t as mainstream as things like football and rugby, the fact remains that golf has remained consistently popular in Ireland for centuries and continues to this day.

Unsurprisingly, this popularity has also led to a huge betting market around golf. Everything from the smallest to the grandest events have been fair game for bookies and punters, and golf betting is a great way to make a bit of money.

Today, we’re going to look at which are the biggest events in Irish golf for betting. There are dozens every year, and with over 300 golf courses in the country, you can be sure that there is no shortage of opportunities to bet.

Let’s get started.

  1. Irish Open

Doubtless the biggest event in Irish golfing and Irish golf betting, the Irish Open. Just like in many countries where golf is a staple sport, the Open is the biggest golfing event of the year. Ireland has been holding Opens since 1927, when the first competition played out at the Portmarnock Golf Club, in August.

It has been held all over the country ever since, from Royal County Down to Mount Juliet and Ballybunion. To this day, though, it has been held 19 times where it started in Portmarnock, always sticking close to its roots.

For betting, the Irish Open is a no brainer. Most major sports betting sites will offer markets on the event, and the best will offer huge promotions and bonuses for this once-a-year extravaganza. Today, the prize money alone for the tournament is a whopping €5 million, so you can be absolutely sure that there is money to be made in betting on the events.

Be sure to make use of any and all promotions you can find for the event through sites like Betfree golf betting. If there is any one event that will feature heavily in promotions and bonuses offered by operators, it’s the Irish Open.

But it’s not the only game in town.

      2. Irish PGA Championship

Following closely on the Open’s heels is the PGA Championships, also held annually in Ireland. Though it is not, in many ways, as big as the Open, it is older—the first tournament having been held twenty years previous to the first Open, in 1907. This makes it one of the oldest tournaments not only in Ireland but in the whole world.

Some historic players have competed in the event over the years, like Harry Bradshaw and Christy O’Connor, whom both have won the championship ten times each. The talent in the event is just as incredible as the talent in the Irish Open. Today, the championship is held on the Carne Golf Links, though it, too, has been played across the country since it was first established.

Again, any major sportsbook betting operator will offer chances to bet on the PGA Championship. It’s absolutely not one to miss if you are looking to start betting on golf in Ireland. Promotions will be ripe and numerous, and if you know your golf can be a really great way to make real winnings.

There are a lot of variables to bet on, too. You aren’t only betting on the final outcome. You can bet on individual holes as well as all sorts of other markets and events within the championship.

     3. Golf Ireland Men’s Championships

So, the two big events of Irish golf betting are certainly the Irish Open and the PGA Championship. But your chances to bet on Irish golf events do not end there. There is a whole host of professional events held under the umbrella of the Golf Ireland Men’s championships, covering virtually every major region in Ireland.

Some of the biggest include the West of Ireland Men’s Open—particularly the Championship itself, but the qualifiers can also sometimes pull in betting opportunities, too. You may need to find a more niche betting site to get the best odds, but they will be out there.

You also have events covering Leinster, Ulster, Munster and Connacht, all of which will offer betting opportunities of some form or another. The golfing events of the year may be the Open and the PGA Championship, but you’re robbing yourself if you don’t look into these events, too.

 If you are interested in betting on Irish golf, then, you can rest assured there is no shortage of events to bet on. The Irish Open and the PGA Championship are without doubt the biggest games, pulling in hundreds of thousands of viewers and huge amounts of betting money. But there are also countless smaller events in the broader category of Men’s Championships to bet on, and with the growing popularity of golf in the country, it’s clear that betting operators always have great opportunities to open up their betting to the market.


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